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We help organizations transform from the inside out to achieve profitable growth

High-Performance Consulting & Coaching for Service-Based Companies

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THRIVING Leaders Program

Our Why

Our philosophy is simple: help organizations transform their employee experience from the inside out to achieve profitable growth. When employees are confident, working towards a purpose together, and feel valued in their role, they will perform at an accelerated rate.

Strong company culture is a competitive advantage. By building your culture and providing tools, you enhance employee performance as your people are working towards a common goal, together.

Customer-centric companies expect their employees to give an exceptional experience to each and every customer.  What happens if your employees don't feel valued? Our belief is by focusing on a people-centric culture, your business continues to


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Where the Passion for People Begins

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Laura Workman

Business Strategist and High Performance Coach

After an expansive tenure in the esthetics industry, she quickly learned that leadership is defined by commitment, community, and culture. ​ Her natural leadership behaviors exhibited a people-centric style; which in return, increased associate commitment and engagement, elevated client satisfaction, and high profitability. The trifecta!

The million-dollar question WHAT ARE YOUR BEST PRACTICES?

Unleashed and there she would go - she rattled off every WHY.  With that, she spoke confidently and effectively about the people. That was her business.  How driving human behavior started with inspiring them at their core to discover their WHY

At THRIVE, we believe in...

  • A Commitment to the people of the business

  • A Community that fosters genuine relationships

  • A Culture that positively influences employee performance and client engagement 

People + Performance = Profitability 

Casual Business Meeting

Let's Take the Next Step

Schedule a 50-minute complimentary strategy session to discuss how you want to accelerate your business.

Or if you want to call me, let’s connect at

(919) 346-4908

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Business Options to Meet your Needs

Young Lawyer

Inspired Leadership Training

Talent Optimization
Culture Transformation
Employee engagement
Performance Management 
Organizational Effectiveness
Organizational Development
Business process reengineering 
Executive Coaching and Leadership Development

What's the secret sauce to running a successful business?

The people, of course.

Looking to develop your people but not sure where to turn? Need help planning or executing your plan of action? Let us guide you. Any organization can move forward with small incremental changes, but building for the future in today’s rapidly evolving environment means taking bold chances and making insightful decisions.

Strategic Consulting

Strategic planning
Corporate Strategy 
Branding Strategy 
Sales & Marketing Strategy

Has your company culture shifted, which is resulting in low employee morale and performance?  Are you experiencing turnover and struggling with supporting your manager(s)?

Do you need assistance streamlining processes?

With our strategic counseling, we work one-on-one to create a roadmap and provide the tools to achieve exceptional results for you and your team.

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